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Stop The European City Guide

While we usually only have links to other astrological organizations, we are making an exception here, to help other astrologers and businesses who may be conned by The European City Guide. If you know anyone who is affected, please give them this link.

Club of 27

A web-site dedicated to astrological profiles of prominent rock musicians who died at the age of 27. Includes Brian Jones (John Etherington), Janis Joplin (Alex Trenoweth), Jimi Hendrix ( Laura Boomer), Jim Morrison (Andrew Morton ), and Kurt Cobain (Neil Spencer).

Centre for Psychological Astrology

Sunday seminars by top psychological astrologers including Liz Greene, plus three-year diploma course and one-year beginners course.

London School of Astrology

Beginners and advanced courses in astrology with Frank Clifford and Sue Tompkins, and Saturday seminars with other top astrologers.

Faculty of Astrological Studies

Comprehensive astrology courses leading to a Foundation Certificate or recognized Diploma. Classes in London and York or by correspondence, plus Summer School in Oxford.


Correspondence courses for absolute beginners to advanced level with one to one tuition from experienced tutors.

Erin Sullivan

International consultant astrologer, teacher, and astrology trainer. Many printer friendly articles on site.

Association for Astrological Psychology (Glenn Perry, Ph.D.)

Leading astrological psychologist, Glenn Perry presents his tapes, books and articles, along with a correspondence training leading to certification in advanced therapeutic astrology.

Astrological Association of Great Britain

One of the world's oldest and most respected astrology organisations. Membership is open to all seeking to serve Astrology. It brings six mailings per annum of the AA Journal, Transit astrology news magazine, other concessions and the right to attend our acclaimed annual conferences.

The Astrological Lodge of London

Founded by Alan Leo in 1915. Monday evening lectures by a wide range of Astrologers. Free beginners class. Also produces quarterly journal (free to Members) with focus on the tradition of astrology.

Company of Astrologers

Courses in astrology leading to the COA certificate or diploma, taught in London or Guildford. Also Tarot and I Ching courses. Public lecture programme, in Hampstead. Fortnightly Bulletin for Friends of The COA.

Electric Ephemeris

Astrological software program PCAv3.1 for Windows. Features unique Graphic Transit / Progressions, beautiful ChartWheels, Day Charts etc. PCA is also available with its own highly original and powerful programming / scripting language for customised interpretations, etc - and much more.

The Kabballah Society

An association of worldwide groups based on the works and books of Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi (Warren Kenton). Its aim is to present Kabbalah in the spirit of the Toledo tradition of a universal application of esoteric teaching.