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Vol 1 - Liz Greene: Barriers and Boundaries Vol 1 - Liz Greene:
Barriers and Boundaries
The Horoscope and the Defences of the Personality

This volume explores the fundamental issue of how we defend ourselves against conflict and suffering through characteristic psychological mechanisms reflected in the natal chart. In Part One, The Psychology of Defences and Their Astrological Significators, the pathological dimensions of defences and their creative contribution to the personality are carefully examined, with an emphasis on the value of defences and their functions as sustainers of psychological and physical life. Defences are expressed by each zodiac sign are discussed, was well as the typical defence systems of the planets and planetary aspects. Part Two, Saturn and Chiron as Defence Mechanisms uses these two complex planetary symbols to explore all the experiences and feelings of denial and deprivation, wounding and damage, which make us erect barriers against life and each other. Chiron's meaning and expression are then explored, including the application of myths about Chiron to human behavioural and emotional patterns and the complex issue of collective wounding.

Price: 17.99

Vol 2 - Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene:
The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest
Two Seminars on Astrological Counselling
Paperback reprint of a CPA book, previously only available in hardcover. In this volume, the complexities and challenges of working as an astrologer are explored on many levels, from the practical to the psychological and philosophical. It is only recently that the responsibilities of the astrologer in relation to the client have begun to be defined, and this book offers sound practical advice about working in the astrological session as well as provocative insights into the reasons why one becomes an astrologer in the first place. Part One, Astrological Counselling (by Juliet Sharman-Burke), first explores the important issue of boundaries, and then examines the value of sound communications techniques in order to make the astrological session comprehensible and helpful to the client. Part Two, The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest (by Liz Greene), begins with an examination of the role of the astrologer in the context of astrology's history. The archetypal background which motivates any individual to study astrology is then deeply examined.

Price: 17.99

Vol 2 - Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene:The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest

Vol 3 - Juliet Sharman-Burke: The Family Inheritance Vol 3 - Juliet Sharman-Burke:
The Family Inheritance
Parental Images in the Horoscope

Now in paperback, this volume explores in depth the images we carry of our parents and our experience of the kind of relationship they created with each other, which is also the kind of relationship we tend to create ourselves in adulthood. Part One, Images of the Father and Mother in the Natal Horoscope presents material on planets in the 4th and 10th houses as they reflect the individual's perceptions of the parents in the birth chart. Part Two, Zodiac Myths and their Correlation with Parental Images concentrates on the parental signatures in the horoscope by exploring the meaning and ramifications of the zodiacal signs at the MC and IC, and the myths associated with those signs. The myths of the zodiac are told and discussed psychologically, in terms of how they reflect the images of the parents their personalities and behaviour as seen through the eyes of the individual.

Price: 10.00

Vol 4 - Melanie Reinhart:
Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs
To the Edge and Beyond - (paperback)

Now in non-CPA reprint. Material on Saturn to enrich any astrologer's understanding is followed by ground-breaking new ideas on the orbital symbolism of Chiron, and the meaning of Pholus and Nessus. A unique compilation of new information, inspiration and research explored with Melanie's characteristic originality.

Price: 21.70

Vol 4 - Melanie Reinhart: Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs

Vol 5 - Erin Sullivan: Venus and Jupiter Vol 5 - Erin Sullivan:
Venus and Jupiter
Bridging the Ideal and the Real

In this book, Erin Sullivan goes deeply into the character, mythological origins and astrological relationship of the two planets most closely associated with ideals, creativity, romance, ethics and social relationships. In Venus we find the inherent duality of existence, and this lies in the goddess Aphrodite's own duality. In Jupiter, Erin brings the larger, global perspective into the picture, showing how the sky-god Zeus can act as a tyrannical component within our own psyche, and also how his wisdom is the result of internalising the more feminine aspects of our archetypal story. Both sections have a delineation of Venus and Jupiter to the other planets. Good for all levels of knowledge from beginner to professional in astrology.

Price: 28.00

Vol 6 - Darby Costello:
The Astrological Moon
In the two seminars contained in this book, Darby explores the Moon in its relationship to the natal Sun; and the progressed Moon, by sign and house, as it describes the unfolding of our emotional life which leads us to the awakening of our souls. She also traces the cycle of the progressed Moon as it interweaves with the Saturn cycle, marking moments where crisis and change become gateways to new dimensions of experience. These gateways bring past and future together, and provide openings to the points of intersection between time and eternity that dwell in each of us.

Last few copies

Price: 24.99

Vol 6 - Darby Costello: The Astrological Moon

Vol 7 - Liz Greene:  The Art of Stealing Fire Vol 7 - Liz Greene: The Art of Stealing FireUranus in the Horoscope

This volume explores the meaning of Uranus in considerable depth, in both its creative and destructive expressions, natally and by transit, linking it with various mythic images and historical events as well as with individual and collective psychological patterns, and using the primary image of Prometheus the Titan to examine just what the creative fire was which he stole from the gods and gave to humankind. Part One, Uranus in the Birth Chart, uses mythic and historical material to amplify and deepen our understanding of the planet, linking these images with psychological states, behaviour patterns, and ways in which the planet is reflected in the individual's life. Part Two, The Transits of Saturn and Uranus, examines these two great symbols of the critical stages of the life process, linking them together as well as exploring them individually through the important aspects of their transit cycles.

Price: 19.99

Vol 8 - Melanie Reinhart:
Revised reprint of this former CPA Press title.The Asc/Desc and MC/IC, plus the Nodal Axis are explored in detail, illuminating their astronomical symbolism, psychological meaning and transit process as the three main axes of the horoscope. A treasure trove of interesting material with case study, guided imagery exercise and group discussion.

Price: 17.20

Vol 8 - Melanie Reinhart: Incarnation

Vol 9 - Liz Greene: The Horoscope in Manifestation Vol 9 - Liz Greene:
The Horoscope in Manifestation
Psychology and Prediction (paperback edition)

There is often difficulty in bridging the apparent gap between psychological and predictive astrology, and many astrologers feel they must polarise and espouse one while condemning the other. In this volume, an exploration of the psychological dynamics which accompany the manifestation of concrete events reveals the possibility of understanding why both perspectives are valid and emerge from a central core in the individual. Part One, Complexes and Projection, examines the important psychological model of the complex as both a generator of individual behaviour and an archetypal image of individual fate. Part Two, A Psychological Approach to Transits and Progressions, begins with an exploration of the different levels on which transits and progressions are experienced - teleological, emotional, and concrete. The difference between transits and progressions is thoroughly dealt with, with an example chart used to illustrate the way in which the individual creates his or her own reality.

Price: 22.99

Vol 10 - Howard Sasportas: <BR>Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart This volume contains three of the best seminars that Howard gave towards the end of his life. These are Vocation, The Moon's Nodes, and The Astrology of the Helper. Howard would have been fifty years old on 12 April, 1998. The publication of this volume has been timed to coincide with that date; it is an honouring of his entry into life, and a distillation of what he was able to contribute to astrology in the time he was given. These three seminars all deal with the themes of direction and destiny in the birth chart.


Price: 24.99

Vol 10 - Howard Sasportas: <BR>Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart

Vol 11 - Darby Costello: Water and Fire Vol 11 - Darby Costello:
Water and Fire
This volume is both a poetic and a deeply insightful journey into the essence of these two astrological elements and what they symbolise in the human psyche. Part One examines the element of water first through its expressions in myth, alchemy, philosophy and psychology, and then through the water signs and houses in the horoscope. Each planet in a water house is described in terms of its meaning and expression; the thee water signs on the Ascendant are examined; and planets transiting through the water houses complete a detailed analysis of all the permutations of water in the birth chart. Part Two takes the reader into the chaotic, inspirational realm of fire, beginning with the ways in which fire is symbolised in myth and philosophy, and then examining Mars, the Sun and Jupiter as planetary rulers of the fire signs. Each fire sign is then explored in detail, with an analysis of planets placed in fire signs and fire houses, the nature of a fire sign on the Ascendant, and the meaning of the outer planets in fire signs in relation to the generation group to which the individual belongs.

Price: 19.99

Vol 12 - Erin Sullivan:
Where in the World?
Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation Charts

This book on Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation not only exceeds the reach of natal astrology, it defines, articulates and enlarges the local view of an individual's horoscope to a global view, thus expanding our local focus - natal - to an organic global relationship. It opens the door to understanding how the planets see us all over the world, as well as how we see them from our local frame of reference.

Last few copies of original CPA Press hardcover book (not available in paperback).

Price: 30.00

Vol 12 - Erin Sullivan: Where in the World?

Vol 13 - Lynn Bell: Planetary Threads Vol 13 - Lynn Bell:
Planetary Threads
Patterns of Relating among Family and Friends

Lynn's innovative exploration of the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour which run back through generations is enhanced by her unique adaptation of the genogram (a map utilised in family therapy) to highlight particular planetary placements and aspects that recur in families. Her often dramatic case material, presented in fascinating detail, is rich and revealing, and we are gradually offered a profound vision of the intricately woven tapestry of the family matrix from which we spring, and the ways in which we repeat - or transform - the astrological and psychological inheritance which each of us carries. The second seminar reveals the depth and importance of the 3rd and 11th houses. An exploration of the enormous power of sibling relationships is enhanced by historical and contemporary case material as well as audience contributions, and the ancient but innovative idea of the 11th house as the bonus daimon, and of friends as the carriers or catalysts for individual destiny, is presented with revealing insight.

Price: 19.99

Vol 14 - Liz Greene:
Relationships & How to Survive Them
Paperback reprint of a title that was previously available in hardcover. The two seminars in this volume, although different in focus, both explore the enigma of relationships from an astrological perspective. The first seminar explores relationship through the composite chart, examining ways in which this third entity carries within it a particular pattern of development independent of the two individuals involved. No existing work on composite charts examines the subject in such psychological depth. The second seminar discusses the archetypal dilemma of the eternal triangle: why we become involved in triangular relationships and what factors in the horoscope might suggest a predisposition to this kind of relationship dynamic.

Price: 17.99

Vol 14 - Liz Greene: Relationships & How to Survive Them

Vol 15 - Darby Costello: Earth and Air Vol 15 - Darby Costello:
Earth and Air
This volume is the companion to Darby's Water and Fire, completing her dynamic and imaginative exploration of the four astrological elements. Part One: Earth. Beginning with the importance of the earth rituals of archaic cultures, this seminar goes on to examine in depth the nature and meaning of the element of earth, covering in a richly poetic but thorough and comprehensive way not only planetary placements in the three earthy signs, but also the qualities and attributes of the earthy planetary rulers. Part Two: Air. The element of Air is often mistakenly thought to be 'merely' rational. In this seminar Darby takes us on an extraordinarily imaginative flight into the upper regions of the mind, exploring first the meaning and nature of air, and then examining planetary placements in the three airy signs and the attributes and mythology of the airy planetary rulers.

Price: 24.99

Vol 16 - Nicholas Campion:
Astrology, History and Apocalypse
The seminars included in this fascinating volume deal with the theme of astrology¹s use as a tool of global prediction over the centuries especially as part of a religious vision of the ³end of days². Human beings have always been preoccupied with whether and when the world will end, now no less than in Babylonian and medieval times. In its earliest form, astrology was employed not for the individual, but for the state and its ruler, indicating times of triumph and defeat, flowering and disaster. The millennarian world-view has not left us, and the fascination and panic surrounding the eclipse of August 1999, the dawn of the year 2000, and the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in May 2000 reflect our continuing preoccupation with celestial events and their portents. Every student of astrology can benefit from an understanding of astrology¹s application to historical cycles, and its inextricable links with those visions of the destiny of the world which still dominate, albeit unconsciously, the ways in which we approach the future.

Price: 10.00

Vol 16 - Nicholas Campion: Astrology, History and Apocalypse

Vol 17 - Liz Greene: Apollo's Chariot Vol 17 - Liz Greene: Apollo's ChariotThe Meaning of the Astrological Sun (paperback)

The seminars in this volume explore the many dimensions of the astrological Sun, from the Sun as a father symbol to its importance as a significator of personal identity, vocation, and spiritual values. Also examined are progressions of the Sun to natal planets, and major planetary aspects to the natal Sun. With so little written work available on the Sun in the horoscope, this innovative volume offers psychological and astrological perspectives, which will be invaluable for both the student and the professional astrologer.

Price: 17.99

Vol 18 - Lynn Bell, Darby Costello,
Liz Greene & Melanie Reinhart:
The Mars Quartet
Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red Planet - (paperback)

The four seminars in this volume reveal the many facets of one of the most misunderstood of astrological symbols. In the present world climate, it is particularly important, perhaps even urgent, that we have a better grasp of this most instinctive and fundamental human urge. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars is usually associated with aggression and violence, and in medieval astrology it was perceived as a "malefic" and the bringer of disaster. But without the energy and motivation of Mars, we become passive victims of life, unable to defend ourselves or stand up for what we believe in. Each seminar explores Mars from a different perspective, emphasing the importance of working with Mars' qualities consciously and creatively rather than fearing its force and "selfishness".

Price: 19.99

Vol 18 - Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Liz Greene & Melanie Reinhart:The Mars Quartet

Vol 19 - Charles Harvey: Anima Mundi Vol 19 - Charles Harvey:
Anima Mundi
The Astrology of the Individual and the Collective (paperback)

Charles Harvey was one of the most influential and innovative figures of late 20th century astrology. In the seminars in this volume, the clarity of his thought and the depth and inclusiveness of his vision are expressed in a way which is accessible yet subtle and profound. These seminars explore not only the ways in which individuals influence, mediate, and are shaped by the groups and collectives to which they belong, professional and national, but also the ways in which nations evolve according to inherent astrological patterns which, rather than merely echoing history, actually create it.

Price: 17.99

Vol 20 - Liz Greene: The Dark of the SoulPsychopathology in the Horoscope

The three seminars in this book use astrological perspectives to explore a spectrum of extreme psychological states, from the condition known as psychopathy to the collective mechanism of scapegoating as much a pathology as any diagnosed mental illness. Astrologers often avoid confronting the issues of madness and human destructiveness, and political correctness has made it even more difficult to face such issues honestly and without sentiment or hypocrisy. But only by exploring the roots of what we call madness can we find any positive and creative approach to the mystery of why some individuals fail to cope constructively with life ’s challenges. This book will sometimes shock and disturb, but it is an invaluable resource for any practicing astrologer concerned with the dilemma of human suffering, and any lay person wishing to understand how astrology can contribute to our comprehension of human behaviour.

Price: 22.99

Vol 20 - Liz Greene: The Dark of the Soul

Vol 21 - Alexander Graf von Schlieffen:When Chimpanzees Dream Astrology Vol 21 - Alexander Graf von Schlieffen:
When Chimpanzees Dream Astrology
An Introduction to the Quadrants of the Horoscope
The two seminars combined in this volume offer innovative insights into the way individual character expresses through planetary placements in the quadrants. The reader will find not only an in-depth exploration of the quadrants based on the logic of the zodiac, but also many examples of Sun and Moon combinations in the quadrants, along with a consistently lively interchange with the seminar participants. This is the first book from Alexander von Schlieffen, who delivers his material with clarity and depth, as well as with style, wit and imagination.

Scheduled publication: January 2005.

Price: 10.00

Vol 22 - Liz Greene:
The Outer Planets and their Cycles
The Astrology of the Collective

This book is a classic work on mundane astrology, and is a transcription of a weekend of seminars given in 1980. Liz Greene explores the meaning of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, in both individual and national charts and in terms of the collective social, religious, artistic and political movements reflected by their through the zodiacal signs, and their repeating interaction with the cycles of Saturn. Long before astrologers began to focus seriously on the collective movements reflected by the outer planets, this book predicted major world events such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, the formation of a united Europe, and the rise of religious fundamentalism. Although the original text has been left unchanged, it is as relevant and timely now, as it was at its publication. This revised new edition includes appendices, notes and comments which update the information and bring it into the 21st century. For anyone from student to professional astrologer concerned with the ways in which the individual interacts with the larger world, this book is essential reading.

Price: 17.99

Vol 22 - Liz Greene:The Outer Planets and their Cycles

Vol 23 - Clare Martin: Mapping the Psyche Vol 1 - The Planets and the Zodiac Signs Vol 23 - Clare Martin: Mapping the Psyche Vol 1 - The Planets and the Zodiac SignsAn Introduction to Psychological Astrology
Vol. 1: The Planets and the Zodiac Signs

This book is a transcript of the first term of an introductory course in astrology given for the Centre for Psychological Astrology. In this first of three volumes, the basic building blocks of astrological language are presented. The reader is taken on a fascinating journey through the solar system, the ancient planetary gods, and the energies and motivations symbolised by their astrological equivalents; and then through the signs of the zodiac, their elements and qualities, and the ways in which different planets express through them. Alchemical symbolism is included as a parallel map of the individual journey. The book is well-illustrated, and is worthwhile reading for both the beginner as well as the more advanced astrological student.

Price: 16.99

Vol 24 - Lynn Bell: Cycles of LightExploring the Mysteries of Solar Returns

This book, a transcript of a seminar given by the Centre for Psychological Astrology, brings a fresh yet profound approach to solar returns, rooted firmly in astrological tradition yet enriched with the sophistication of modern astrological and psychological perspectives. In addition to the lively format of the seminar, there is an Appendix including many further examples of the application of solar returns to actual lives.

Price: 17.99

Vol 24 - Lynn Bell: Cycles of Light

Vol. 25 - Clare Martin: Mapping the Psyche Vol.2 - The Planetary Aspects and the Houses of the Horoscope  Vol. 25 - Clare Martin: Mapping the Psyche Vol.2 - The Planetary Aspects and the Houses of the Horoscope

This book, a transcript of the second term of Clare's introductory course in astrology given for the Centre for Psychological Astrology, explores the planetary aspects and the houses of the horoscope. Clare looks at polarities, the Moon's nodes and both major and minor aspects. She also discusses missing elements and aspects. Mapping the Psyche vol.2 is the sequel to Clare's highly acclaimed volume 1, which features the planets and zodical signs.

Price: 18.99

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