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Lynn Bell: Cycles of Light Lynn Bell: Cycles of LightExploring the Mysteries of Solar Returns

This book, a transcript of a seminar given by the Centre for Psychological Astrology, brings a fresh yet profound approach to solar returns, rooted firmly in astrological tradition yet enriched with the sophistication of modern astrological and psychological perspectives. In addition to the lively format of the seminar, there is an Appendix including many further examples of the application of solar returns to actual lives.

Price: 17.99

Anthony Louis: The Art of Forecasting Using Solar Returns In this book the author provides the reader with a solid historical background on the technique of solar returns, and lays outclearly how Morin used it in the 17th century. He then proceeds to test this methodology rigorously with examples mostlly feturing recognisable celebrities from recent history (such as Bob Dylan and John Lennon) and also a few persons that he personally knows. Every aspect of return interpretation is raised a examined, including those promoted by the few modern day writers on the subject. By the end of this thorough book, the reader is offered a methodological summary and worked example.

Price: 20.00

Anthony Louis: The Art of Forecasting Using Solar Returns

Mary Shea: Planets in Solar Returns Mary Shea: Planets in Solar ReturnsYearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth

This major work on Solar Returns includes an introduction to the subject, and explores each planet in the Return Chart by both house position and in aspect to the other planets.

Price: 19.99

Janey Stubbs & Babs Kirby:
Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns
Welcome reprint for this 1990 title. In their book, the authors offer a psychological and growth orientation to forecasting using Solar and Lunar Returns. The reader is taken through a step-by-step procedure of how to interpret Solar Returns, and clear explanations are given of calculation and timing methods. As well as an examination of Lunar Returns, information on Returns for Mercury, Venus and Mars is also included; while detailed case studies (including those of Steffi Graf and Eric Clapton) demonstrate how a synthesis of the various techniques can be achieved.

Price: 13.95

Janey Stubbs & Babs Kirby: Interpreting Solar and Lunar Returns

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